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Frank GainesGaines Photo Service, with over 30 years of professional service to the Southeastern United States, takes pride in our quality.

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the Secret Service at the White House, Washington, DC.

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Dream Wedding Photography

We do wedding photography as a personal custom service for perfection of the dream you want to treasure. In the southeast, Gaines Photo is a legend that can't be improved upon. Just ask anyone!

Landmark Park, Dothan, AL
Scenic and Landscapes

Landmark Park, an historical preservation center for Southeast Alabama, located outside Dothan Alabama.

Commercial Photography

Detail you can taste and smell the aroma.
This quality sells sizzle.

If you don't have this quality
in your promotions and web site,
then you always paid too much.

Aerial Quality
Aerial Quality Photography

Flowers Hospital, Houston County, Dothan, Alabama, 1998

Destinations throughout the Americas can be scheduled to meet your requirements.

Precision detailSurgical and Medical Imaging
Operating room detail for educational series, employee training and orientation, and company trade-show exhibits will display and present well for the most demanding requirements when you have Gaines Professional Quality on your next job!

ArchitecturalArchitectural and Design

Gaines Photo has hundreds of delighted customer projects for your review! Here's one example.

Southern Bone and Joint Specialists, 1996, Houston County, Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, Alabama, USA.

Preservation - Restoration
Historical Restoration and Preservation

Frazier-Ellis Hospital, circa 1921.
Dothan, Alabama

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Historical Photos

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