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[Randolph County]Randolph County, Alabama maintains a quality of life consistent with the gentle pace and charm of the new south. Recreation, Education, and Opportunity are abundant in quality and quantity. Community living in Randolph County is centered around agricultural roots (The combined poultry, cattle, forestry, and commercial vegetable products account for near $40 million of income annually.) We have 200 churches of various denominations. Enhancing of our lives is Service In Faith And Technology which readies missionaries for the practical needs of third world people.

[Lakes] Lake Wedowee’s 272 miles of shore line offers an excellent opportunity to cherish family life and recreation. The 10,000 acre hydro-electric reservoir offers fishing, hunting, and boating. Attested by nearly 1,300 boating licenses and climate with an annual temperature of 62 degrees F., boating is an activity enjoyed most of the year. Considered one of the cleanest deep water lakes east of the Mississippi River, the lake was named "best" for fishing in Alabama by the Alabama Department of Conservation.

Economic growth in Randolph County began as agricultural and grew to include textile. Today, this provides a healthy mix of retailing, manufacturing, and agriculture. One visiting businessman commented that it must take a wide variety of talented people, who like to work together, to produce all the things you do in Randolph County.

And we are varied! For within our borders are some of the finest competitive craftsmen in the nation. This is evident by a talented entrepreneur chef who has placed on the market his own special blend of spices, the world’s leading wrought iron furniture manufacturer, an apparel industry recognized as one of the top 100 black-owned businesses in the nation, a fiberglass manufacturer whose substantial intra national contracts equals its international contacts, and Amoco Fabrics & Fibers’ most stable plant.

Amoco's stability is found in its labor force. As with our other industries, Amoco has a good labor market. This labor stability is forged from agricultural roots and a strong work ethic tradition. Therefore, Randolph County is ripe for more business as documented by recent State of Alabama opportunity studies.

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