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Joan Raines Layne & daughters, Amanda and Kiersten

Joan Raines Layne & daughters, Amanda and Kiersten

Even thinking back to 1964 is a challenge, but I will try to give you a brief overview.

1967-1969  Stewardess for United;
1968-69 Miss United - National finals in Australia.
1969 - married George Charles Layne
1974 - worked briefly for the Alabama State Baptist Board
1975 - Keirsten Joan Layne was born in September and we moved to Denver farm.
1976 - During wheat harvests, I fed farm hands in the field from the trunk of my car!
1980 - Amanda Katherine Layne born in Denver.
1984 - flying lessons (we farmed 50,000 acres of dryland wheat and irrigated corn and flew between fields). 
1986 - moved to Mobile
1990 - I went back to college to finish my undergrad in history
1991 - Chuck died
1989-98 - Touring Docent at Mobile Museum of Arts
1998 - Bachelor of Arts from University of South Alabama, Summa Cum Laude
1999 - Internship at the National Museum of American History (Smithsonian)
2001-03 - Registrar at the Museum of Mobile (history)
2002 - Master of Arts in History
2003 - Moved to Auburn, work in the Office of International Education/Study Abroad

My career has been a bit backwards, since I stayed home for many years and enjoyed the opportunities of volunteering at school, in church, and in arts and symphony groups.  In 2002, Layne Evelyn Kelly was born and is the delight of her "Ami."  Her dad is at the Republican Convention (he is a lawyer and chief of staff for Jim Ryun of Kansas - former Olympic runner) and we hope her little sister won't arrive until the middle of September. 

In October I will go to London to visit study abroad schools and then will travel to Australia on business in early January.  The students are amazing and I love working with them.  One of my "kids" interned with the Crocodile Hunter and I have another who is trekking through Patagonia this semester - quite a bunch. 

Sorry - I'm sure this is more information than any old friend deserves to struggle through, but I got carried away! 

Take special care.


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