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Sandra Clark & Rich Rotfort

Sandra Clark & Rich Rotfort

Hey there Cindy!!
Gosh I would so love to see everyone!!   However, I don't think
 I can make this one at the present time.  We live down in
South Florida in Cape Coral, just across the Caloosahatchee River
from Ft. Myers and just 30 minutes from Sanibel and Captiva
Islands, in other words, "Paradise!!"
I'm still married to Dr. Rich Rotfort for 19 years.  Rich is a
Pharmacist who went back to school for four more years
25 years ago to become a Chiropractor and that's how we met
20 years ago.  I was in practice in Mobile for about 10 years,
sold my clinic and joined with some other "guys" to have a
multi-doctor practice.  Rich had just graduated from
Chiropractic School in Georgia and joined our clinic. 
We have done so many things together and now he is back in
Pharmacy with Walgreens.  I am a Life and Wellness Coach
and work from home, mostly on telephone conferences. 
This is a new direction for me~~at the grand ol' age of 61!! 
Who would have thought??  I'm finding that the "Boomers"
are dealing (not always very successfully, either!) with a lot
of mid-life crises that I/we have already been through,
i.e., aging parents, our OWN health and aging issues,
loss or illness of spouse or children, children....and even
sometimes with GRANDCHILDREN in tow...moving back home
again, career or financial changes, moving, wishing for more
adventures in life before it's too late, even Spiritual issues
and faulty communication skills that result in relationship problems. 
I've personally dealt with most of these and with my 25+ years
as an Alternative Health Care doctor, feel that I can usually
help people find that they can "Become Your Own Hero!"
based on the skills, talents and experience within them already.
All the "Experts" have a Coach, no matter how good they are,
because we sometimes can't see our own limiting beliefs until
they are acknowledged and we can see them from a different
Well, Rich and I have been through a lot as have all of us,
and hopefully, we all have a lot of GREAT times and
EXPERIENCES AHEAD OF US!!!  Life is so different now
than when our parents were our age.....and as always,
WE WANT MORE!!!  At least more success, more joy,
more fulfillment, better health and more FUN! 
What could be better than all that?
We are planning an extended vacation for the Fall, but all
the details aren't in place yet, so I doubt that I'll be
able to make it to the reunion.  My "Heart and Soul"
will be with y'all and I'll surely look forward to seeing any
and all photos online! 
There are so many of you, you being one in particular, that
I would just love to spend some time with!  Please continue to
keep me in the email loop with details, just in case our plans
change and I can come.  I love hearing even these little bits
of reminders of people's names and wish that I could see
what each one is doing now and has done. 
I'm sorry that we've lost so many already, but I think,
as a group, we've done some wonderful things for this
Good, Green Earth and our people, don't you?
I'm sending you a couple of photos of us, one, several
years slimmer at Pensacola Beach and another close-up,
at Christmas, just so you'll know who we are if we get
to see you again sometime.  I also included one of our
110# dog, Carmel, doing push-ups with Rich!
Please mention my best wishes to anyone you wish and
please get Bo to give you a great big surrogate hug
from me!!!  I wish you a wonderful summer with all
"the good stuff" included!
God bless you Good Friend,

Dr. Sandra Clark
Life and Wellness Coach
Chiropractic Physician, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist

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