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Hank Hilliard &wife, Tana Felts

Hank Hilliard & wife, Tana Felts & family

Dear DHS64 –

Sorry I missed the 40th – looks like you all had a blast. We used our trip home this year to go to Tana’s dad’s funeral- the reunion would have been a lot more fun! Maybe Five-O.

Tana and I are still married and recent grandparents with our 1st grand son, Asa. Tana teaches in a small private high school and I still work for Xerox – 35th year! We have lived in Hawaii most of that time and love it, although our little county town has been “discovered” and we are now getting traffic back ups, a Starbucks, etc. We did not have a traffic light when we moved here in 1977.

Our daughters, Lacey and Malia are in Honolulu, so we get to see them often. Lacey, 32;is married and just had the grandson. Malia, 30, is yoga teacher. We are all in good health and enjoying life. No plans for retirement any time soon. We enjoy traveling and try to take a long trip every other year – usually to Europe, but we really most go the other direction one of these years – but we enjoy Europe so much, we always seem to return. So I guess I would rather work and be able to do all the things we want rather than retire and clip coupons – although I guess there was another alternative – save some money along the way? Naaaaah ;-).  Lots of 20+ million dollar vacation homes being built here now, so somebody figured it out!

Aloha to all of you and thank you for all of the work and the web site – hope to see you next time. 

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