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Early County, a southwestern county in the State of Georgia, was created by an act of the General Assembly December 15, 1818, following Andrew Jackson’s success in driving the last Indians out of this area in the Creek Cession of August 9, 1814 with success in 1817.  It is an original county in which Jakin was born into the 26th land district in the southernmost end of the county.  - click here for Just Jakin stories from the Library.

Settlers as early as 1817 moved in and began to build on the old Indian paths along the river.  These old paths became the Old River Road in 1820 and a post road by the mid 1820s.  The post riders were often harassed by Indians.  As the forests along the river were cleared, large plantations and fine frame homes began to appear.  The river was the main source of transportation, bearing downstream huge square-cut tibers to Apalachicola for ship building and turpentine for export and cotton upstream to the cotton mills in Columbus.

The first families established here were the Allens, Rambos, Donalsons, Harrells, Millers, Shewmakes, Saffolds, Johnsons, Hayes, Gibsons, Crawfords, and Moodys.  In 1828 a road was made from Blakely to Bainbridge on which settled the Hodges, Warrens, Minters, Easoms and Perrys.  These families pioneered what became Jakin in 1895.

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